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Why Folk & Knife?

Hello – my name is Tess, and welcome to Folk & Knife.

I’m a journalist by trade, foodie at heart, and explorer of all things health and happiness-related. My passion stems from the stories and delicious food we share, and I hope to share that passion through this blog.

It is my belief that the food we eat and the stories we tell are intrinsic to our health, happiness, and identity. When we think of where we come from or the community we belong to, food is an essential ingredient to that.

There’s a reason so many people around the world start a restaurant when they immigrate to a new country — or why college students miss their mother’s cooking at the end of the semester. Food connects us.

But with the wave of nutritionalism and industrialization of our food system, many of us have lost touch with the wholistic benefits and cultural importance of food. If the saying, “You are what you eat” is true, who does that make us?

Apparently, that makes us fat, sick and sad.

Looking around at the food we eat, the stories in the news, and the general health and happiness of our nation, we’re not doing well.  In fact, I would argue that very few of us are “well.”  With one-third of the world overweight and the US falling in the rank of happiness worldwide, many Americans fall short of the World Health Organization’s definition of “wellness.”

Sugar-overloaded diets, chronic back pain, more sedentary lifestyles, constant stress (socially and politically, if also economically), and endless headaches — we face many barriers to achieving wellness. And despite the connectivity of the Internet, half of us in the US feel lonely.

At Folk & Knife, our mission is to connect people to their culture, their planet, and their folk through food and stories. We aim to connect people to the roots of what makes them happy and healthy, and to build a more wholesome and sustainable community around that.

We need to look inward and outward to reconnect with ourselves, our environment, and ourcommunities. What makes us get out of bed in the morning? If we had to point to what makes us most happy, what would it be? How does the food we eat connect us to our world and to each other?

Through recipes, stories, and action, we hope this blog inspires you to reconnect with your community and to give to those around the world who are facing food insecurity, so that no one goes hungry for food or for love.

Because we know that the food we eat is just as important as the people we share it with.


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