easy rainbow cabbage salad with peanut sauce

Easy Rainbow Cabbage Salad with Peanut Sauce

Some summer days are just too darn hot for cooking in the kitchen. But with this easy rainbow cabbage salad, you can fill your plate with fresh, flavorful food without feeling the heat. Summertime in the USA varies no matter where you are. But when school resumes and August turns into September, many of us are ready for fall (PSL, is that you?). Or rather — many of us are ready for the hot weather to be over. Yet, here we are in the first week of September, and the forecast says a high of 91 from Sunday through Friday! And since I currently live in Cincinnati, OH, the humidity raises the “feels like” temperature to 96+… Gross… I can cry about climate change and the cement oven of cities another time, but let’s move on to things that will make us happy: no-cook meals for summer.

A Simple Salad with a TON of Flavor

Are you one of those people who say, “I like salads, I just don’t like making it,”? Or perhaps you love eating salad, but you can never make a salad taste as good as you’d like it to. Don’t fret. Instead, try this easy-to-make cabbage salad with tons of fresh veggies and flavor. Eating a salad doesn’t always sound appetizing — I get it. I’m a carb lover, too. But with fresh citrus flavor, chopped cilantro and a good crunch, this rainbow cabbage salad gives you all the colorful flavors and texture you want on a hot summer day. Inspired by Thai cabbage salad recipes and Thai peanut noodles, this simple slaw is a quick summer alternative. Without compromising flavor. I created this recipe keeping in mind ingredients that most young adults would have in their pantry or can access. So, if you’re a college student looking for a yummy, cheap recipe — I got you.
easy rainbow cabbage salad with peanut sauce

Slice Your Veggies Thin

Keep your slices skinny — that is my best piece of advice for this recipe. Use a sharp knife to create long, thin slices of the cabbage and pepper. It’s only one of two steps to this whole recipe. Seriously, don’t rush it. You’ll have a tasty salad in no time. For the cabbages, cut the head in quarters then remove the core (the solid white part that’s too crunchy to eat easily). Then, lay the cabbage down so the flat side is against your cutting board and the rounded outside layer is up. This will help you keep the cabbage steady while you slice from one side. For the red pepper, cut the pepper in quarters and break off the inside white part with your fingers. Lay the pepper down on the cutting board so that the inside of the pepper is up, and slice across (from one cut side to the other. That’s how you get the ideal length for your rainbow salad.

Add the Rainbow Salad to Anything

This salad is delicious, but sometimes a salad just doesn’t cut it. You need some protein and carbs to round out the meal. My favorite thing to do with this salad is to mix it with rotisserie chicken and cold udon noodles. Served with lime wedges, it’s the perfect Thai-inspired summer dinner for the broke college student (or broke graduate, like myself). I’ve also wrapped this with grilled chicken in a tortilla for yummy Taco Tuesday. Get crazy! What would you do with this easy rainbow cabbage salad for dinner? Share your dinner inspiration so we have more excuses to make this cool slaw until the summer heat finally *leafs. easy rainbow cabbage salad with peanut sauce

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