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Curried Kale & Feta Omelet

Curried Kate & Feta Omelet

Kale, Feta, and Curry are strong independent flavors. Put them together, and you have a wonderful blend of spice and nutrients on your breakfast plate.

Six months ago,  I would have never ordered an omelet. Eggs were simply not something I could stomach. But I wanted to like eggs because of their nutritional benefits, versatility in the kitchen, and minimal expense to the grocery bill. Now, it is one of my favorite breakfast choices.

How did that happen?

By experimenting with recipes that make eggs take on big, bold flavors.

The spices make all the difference in this simple recipe.

Curry powder transforms this simple egg recipe into a powerful, flavorful breakfast option. Paprika adds a touch of sweet and savory tones to balance the curry. And dried parsley rounds out the flavor (and color!).

Kale and feta are two strong flavors on their own, along with the curry. Instead of fighting to be flavor champion, these three come together in a happy harmony that will wake you up and fill your stomach for hours.

What I like: it hides a lot of the egg flavor I don’t love… at least not yet.

Curried Kale & Feta Omelet

Also for the win: no added salt.

There’s no better way to eat this omelet than as a sandwich. I typically wrap it in a whole-wheat tortilla,  wrap that in a napkin, and rush out the door to catch the subway. However, the bagel sandwich cannot be beaten.

If you think you’ve found a better carb to complete this sandwich, please do share.

Vegetarians (who still eat eggs): this is a protein-packed breakfast. It will deliver on that added energy and full-feeling. On a no-carb diet: eat it just as is, or try it with cloud bread (yes, that is a thing). Make it impressive: Serve it on some local, grain-filled fresh bread, and dress it with a little spicy garlic sauce.

Curried Kale & Feta Omelet

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