Our Mission:

To connect people to their culture, their planet, and their folk through food and stories.

Humans crave two things above all else: food and stories.

These necessities fuel us, from a dash of cinnamon in coffee to sitting at a diner with a group of friends sharing the latest gossip and chocolate milkshakes. They are essential to who we are, the communities we are a part of, and how we interact with our world.

But with the wave of nutritionalism and industrialization of our food system, many of us have lost touch with the wholistic benefits and cultural importance of food. If the saying, “You are what you eat” is true, who does that make us?

At Folk & Knife, our mission is to connect people to their culture, their planet, and their folk through food and stories. We aim to connect people to the roots of what makes them happy and healthy, and to build a more wholesome and sustainable community around that.

Through recipes, stories, and action, we hope this blog inspires you to reconnect with your community and to give to those around the world who are facing food insecurity, so that no one goes hungry for food or for love.

About the Author

tess sohngen

Tess Sohngen headshot 2017

Hello, my name is Tess! Welcome to Folk & Knife, where I share recipes and stories to hopefully inspire your next meal and to encourage a more wholesome, human connection with food and the wonder world we live in.

I’m a blogger, creator, and of course, a foodie. I love trying new recipes, experiencing new and different cultures, and learning about the systems that affect food, health and the planet. As writing is my true passion, my goal with this blog is to clearly communicate what I learn about food systems and cultures so that others can be inspired and take action.

My interest in food insecurity was piqued while studying journalism, nutrition, and creative writing at Miami University. I spent a semester of school in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine, where I studied community issues around social change and interned at the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition. I since interned at Global Citizen and work as a writer and marketer for a B2B company in Cincinnati.

Thanks for joining us!