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Food & Culture

Across communities and countries, how food shapes our identities and how we interact with the world.

Food & Health

How food fuels the mind and body, and how we provide that for everyone around the world.

Food & Environment

Food is our deepest relationship with the planet, but how deep and sustainable is that relationship?


Our Mission

At Folk & Knife, our mission is to connect people to their culture, their planet, and their folk through food and stories. We aim to connect people to the roots of what makes them happy and healthy, and to build a more wholesome and sustainable community around that.

Through recipes, stories, and action, we hope this blog inspires you to reconnect with your community and to give to those around the world who are facing food insecurity, so that no one goes hungry for food or for love.


The State of Food

Food systems have significant, adverse effects on climate change

Global Food Alliance


1/3 (1.3 billion tons) of food is wasted globally

815 million

815 million people (11% of the population) went hungry in 2016

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

J.R.R. Tolkien



The Folk & Knife Blog

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Small Changes, Big Impacts

How much of an impact does one person have to change the course of our planet’s future? At Folk & Knife we believe that every person has the capacity to create change and that every person and each action matter. One by one, step by step, we can make a difference.

Curb Your Footprint

Lighten your environmental impact via lifestyle changes

Eat Local

Help local farmers and cut carbon emissions

Grow Your Food

Deepen your connection with the earth and your dinner plate

Reduce Food Waste

Food waste in landfills releases harmful methane gas